Regain Your Peace Of Mind.

Are you looking for a place to unwind? A tranquil setting, in an unspoiled place of natural beauty? Then welcome! You've found what you are looking for! Located in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom, our camp is situated in one of the few unspoiled areas of beauty left in the state. Located on Center Pond, our waterfront chalet is what real Vermonters think of when they think of Vermont! Our camp is not state of the art. If you are looking for a 4 star hotel, then this is not for you. If you are looking for time alone with your thoughts or your family, in a comfortable low key environment, then we are it! Peace and quiet, and a chance to get away from it all. The camp rental provides one of the last true affordable vacations. So, get back to your senses, and regain your peace of mind. We are also pet friendly, and welcome your well behaved pet for a small additional fee. We're waiting for you!

Read Below For What Tom Slayton, Editor Of Vermont Life Magazine, says about the area...

“I always think of the Northeast Kingdom as “The Vermonter’s Vermont....It is the part of this state that most resembles the Vermont I grew up in. It is the most rural, the most politically conservative, the most remote, the most farmed, the most traditional, and, in many ways, the most beautiful part of Vermont.

The Northeast Kingdom is Vermont’s most unspoiled region. It is the state’s least developed region, yet it has enormous recreational and travel resources, ranging from beautiful hiking trails and beaches to a delightful small ski area. We tend to think of it as a farming region, yet most of its land area is forested. And it has the most intense concentration of lakes and ponds in Vermont ... You can’t really pin the Northeast Kingdom down. For a place that’s easily defined geographically -- the standard definition is Caledonia, Orleans and Essex counties -- it’s a place that stubbornly resists any other sort of definition. Most people can tell you where the Northeast Kingdom is, but they stumble when asked to tell you precisely what it is."